The In-Ovation® System is a comprehensive, aesthetic and technologically advanced approach to self-ligation. In-Ovation is available in four bracket types that share many common benefits for your practice and your patients: reduced chair time and treatment time, fewer and faster adjustments, better oral hygiene and the control required for optimal orthodontic results. With In-Ovation, you have the ability to choose from a wide range of treatment options to best meet the needs of your practice and your patients.

In-Ovation R is the original self-ligating mini twin bracket . In-Ovation R features a low profile design and smooth curves for greater comfort and improved appearance.

The premier mini twin, self-ligating bracket that gives you complete control from start to finish. In-Ovation R enables orthodontists and staff to treat cases easily and effectively while offering patients a faster, more comfortable and attractive treatment option. This unique bracket with Interactive™ technology allows doctors to choose the degree of control needed for each phase of treatment. The results have reflected a faster overall treatment time than traditional braces and improved finishing.


• Shorter appointments
• Reduced treatment time
• Fewer adjustments and less appointments
• Greater comfort
• Improved facial proportion and appearance
• A dynamic, healthy and attractive smile!

* In-Ovation averages 40-percent fewer appointments than traditional brackets with ties.

In-Ovation C
is a highly aesthetic self-ligating bracket made from a special ceramic material with a rhodium processed clip for enhanced aesthetics. The natural color of In-Ovation C makes the bracket a perfect fit for patients concerned about aesthetics, while delivering functionality comparable to metal brackets.


SWLF Technique (Straight Wire Low Friction)

The SWLF® System is a combination of a low friction passive/active bracket and new super-elastic wires for each stage of treatment. The SWLF® System developed by Dr. David Suarez, ensures orthodontic movement is fast and easy. Treatment time and appointments are reduced by more than 30%.

The SWLF technique consists of:

Features and benefits include:

  • Treatment time and appointments are reduced by more than 30%
  • Uses a low friction bracket, which allows for individual and selective control over friction, anchorage and tooth movement, as well as a drastic reduction in the number of wires used compared to traditional
  • The super-elastic properties of the SWLF® wires make it possible to apply light, continuous forces over longer periods of time

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