The botiss regeneration system: Innovation, Safety, Reliability, and Aesthetics


botiss biomaterials offers you a unique systematic BTR approach – the complete regenerative biomaterial portfolio for Implantology, Oral and CMF Surgery, and Periodontology at hand.

To achieve optimal, predictable results, we offer you the botiss regeneration system. It includes all long-term proven biological materials (e.g., bovine, synthetic, allografts, collagen, granules, blocks, membranes, and soft tissue matrices), which can be used in various combinations for each specific indication. All products are manufactured according to the highest quality standards and are strictly biological (i.e., no chemical cross-linking).

botiss biomaterials, already No. 2 in Europe for dental BTR with a growing global market share, provides the botiss regeneration system via a global network of distribution partners in over 80 countries world-wide. Our distribution partners and staff are dedicated specialists in dental surgery and implantology.

botiss is an innovative, clinically oriented biotech company headquartered in Berlin, with R&D and production sites in Germany, Austria, and Great Britain. We are 100% focused on dental regeneration.

We proudly welcome you to the botiss regeneration system community. We invite you to share your experiences and suggestions with us, which are precious to further improve our products or develop new product concepts.


The use of bone graft materials

Bone graft materials are applied to replace and regenerate bone matrix lost by various reasons such as tooth extraction, cystectomy or bone atrophy following loss of teeth or inflammatory processes. For the filling of bone defects, the patient‘s own (autologous) bone is considered the “gold standard”, because of its biological activity due to vital cells and growth factors. Nevertheless, the harvesting of autologous bone requires a second surgical site associated with an additional bony defect and potential donor site morbidity.

In addition, the quantity of autologous bone is limited. Today, due to a constant development, bone graft materials provide a reliable and safe alternative to autologous bone grafts. Clinicians can choose between a variety of different bone graft materials and augmentation techniques. Bone graft materials are classified by their origin into four groups:

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