DuoLink – Composite Luting Cement


  • extremely high degree of conversion in both light-cured and self-cured modes ensuring maximum performance for any clinical situation
  • exceptional high glass filler content increases strength making DUO-LINK resistant to wear
  • low-film thickness ensures the restoration is completely seated.
  • auto-mix dual-syringe guarantees a perfect mix, easyplacement and limited waste

Choice 2 – Veneer Cement


  • specifically formulated for color stability (∆E <1.2*) resulting in high aesthetics.
  • light-cured material maintains total control for proper placement
  • unsurpassed physical properties ensure the restoration will stand up to significant pressure and stress that is placed on veneers daily
  • highly  filled resin cement enhances the overall strength of the restoration
  • low film thickness ensures veneers are completely  seated
  • corresponding try-in pastes confirm shade selection prior to cementation

One Step Plus


  • Low film thickness
  • Filler particles with one step plus
  • Bonds to a multitude of substrates

Ortho-One™ Self Cure

Starter Set is especially made with original mini bottles of primer & etchant.

Ortho-One™ Lite Cure

Starter Set is for those that prefer easy-on-command with universal bonding even to metal components.

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