Orthoplus functional education devices are using efficiency proven techniques.
These techniques are combined in the appliances, taking each patient’s requirements and treatment goals into consideration.

Functional education devices in the Ortho Plus line exert combined actions:
• Tongue positioning
• Lips training
• Mandibular growth release
• Tooth pre-alignment.


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What does EF stand for?

EF stands for Éducation Fonctionnelle, or Functional Education. The EF line appliances work to establish normal functions in the oral cavity to allow for normal growth in young patients and complements fixed orthodontic treatment for patients in the permanent dentition.


What is the benefit of Functional Education Therapy?

The aim of Functional Education Therapy is to remove excessive forces of muscles on the alveolar bone and teeth, to correct the position of the tongue, to center the mandible to be in harmony with the maxilla, to train the individual to have correct swallowing and correct breathing.


How long does Functional Education therapy lasts?

The minimum time for Functional Education therapy is 6 months of everyday use. After successfully wearing the appliance daily for 6 months, wearing time can be reduced.


Can the appliance cause pain while being worn?

Each patient has a different arch form and tooth positions. Some patients may experience pressure on teeth or an uncomfortable feeling during the first few days of treatment. This is natural since the patient is adjusting. Continuing to wear the appliance during the prescribed time will help alleviate the pressure or discomfort.


How long should the EF appliance be worn

An EF appliance should be worn daily, for at least 2 hours with breathing/muscle exercises during daytime and overnight while sleeping. If these wearing recommendations are not followed, the therapy may take longer than 6 months.


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