Tomy has been a comprehensive producer and supplier of orthodontic appliances, providing support through a full-scale system for orthodontic specialists inside and outside Japan as well as both general dental practitioners and their patients.

Tomy will continue to contribute to the field of orthodontic appliances around the world by providing user-friendly products of high quality and cost performance.



 mini CLIPPY has various merits due to its original structure and ease-of-use.
• Widened inter-bracket span enables easy wire insertion even for severely misaligned teeth.
• Aesthetic needs are met.
• Discomfort during wearing is reduced.





Characteristics of CLIPPY


* Flexible control of tooth movement
CLIPPY’s distinguishing quality is that appropriate wire and bracket engagement levels can be chosen according to treatment stages. A flexible control of tooth movement results in enhanced effect in shorter time and reduced patient burden.
* Realization of orthodontic treatment with enhanced beauty
CLIPPY comes in two types that realize orthodontic treatment with enhanced beauty; a small metal bracket with an impression of simplicity and a ceramic bracket with appealing translucency.
* Easy and smooth wire exchange
Use of an interactive clip that can be easily opened/closed makes wire exchange easy and smooth. The other advantages include easy oral hygiene care and reduced medical waste, thanks to ligation without the need of a ligature wire or module.
* Enriched mechanism
CLIPPY uses mechanism that fully utilizes TOMY’s technology, such as a mechanical lock base* that does not require a particular adhesive, and a rhodium-coated clip* that can be opened and closed from the front as well as the gingival side.


Enabling Treatment According to Three Stages


CLIPPY is classified into three stages: passive, interactive, and active, regarding wire and bracket engagement levels. Appropriate treatment can be conducted by choosing stages according to respective levels, from the initial stage to the final stage of treatment.



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